Saturday, 28 March 2015

Poetry Challenge

Yesterday Wiebke (1book1review over at youtube) challenged me to do the Poetry Challenge that has been going around on booktube. 

Challenge accepted! 

The Challenge was originally created by David & these are the rules:

1. Pick a book that you love.
2. Write down these five numbers. The date, month and last two digits of the year of your birthday, the first two digits of your phone number and the last two digits of your phone number. 
3. Turn to those pages in your book.
4. Read out the first line of each page.
5. Write a poem that describes you using only those words. You don't have to use every word but you cannot use any other words and you can't use a word more than once (unless it shows up more than once).
6. [BONUS POINTS] tweet a picture of your poem using #BTpoetrychallenge :D

Tip: I strongly recommend writing the words on little slips of paper so you can rearrange them easily on a table ;)

As you can see on the photo above, I have picked Neil Gaiman's Amercian Gods as my book for the challenge.
The pages/numbers I ended up with are: 06,11,22,42,89.

Here are my lines:
(06) 'Call no men happy,' said Shadow 'until he is dead.'
(11) 'Feels like it,' said Shadow. 'Maybe it'll snow soon.'
(22) She clicked her tongue and checked their boarding cards,
(42) 'Okay,' said Shadow. My life, which for three years has
(89) one person, you know? When we are young, his hair, it is

The poem I came up with using the words: 
(which I wouldn't say descrimes me, but oh well.. It's what I could do using the words provided. Also, ended up not using 11 of the words.)

Shadow life

His cards said, one dead.
Young person, shadow man.
Soon, no call.
Three years until it'll snow.

Shadow feels,
maybe, when we are boarding,
tongue clicked, hair checked,
happy like she said.

He is okay,
you know,

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